Belgrade, Geothermal Invest
SUN Energy meets House of Trust
Together with local developer, House of Trust, SUN Energy Balkan formed a special purpose company called Geotermal Invest. This company will be energy provider for residents of 48 apartment complex in Belgrade.
Located on the northern part of the Belgrade in Zemun district, close to both rivers Danube and Sava, this residential area was known to have substantial hydro-geothermal capacity. We decided to cap on it!
Constructed in line with latest local energy efficiency regulations, House of Trust project was an ideal starting point to apply hydro-geothermal energy from an open well to meet heating and cooling needs of the residents.  
From a 90m deep open well the building is supplied with constant, renewable, clean energy for over 80% of its heating and cooling needs. This way, consumers can benefit from 24/7 steady supply of heating and cooling – for the price they would normally pay only for heating in the city. This way, we passed on benefits of renewable energy source to clients with offering additional comfort.
Having a dedicated company in charge of maintenance, monitoring and control of the system offers residents additional security that they are living in future-proof building with competitive costs of use.