SUN Energy balkan
Sun Energy Balkan is an ESCO company, subsidiary of the Dutch Zon Energie Groep. We are new to the market and we made long term strategic decision to position ourselves in the region.
Our mother company, ZON Energie, is a well-established market leader in renewable energy solutions for residential buildings. Goal of our company is to make sustainable energy available, affordable and comfortable for everyone to use and live with.
Sun Energy Balkans provides sustainable solutions to households for heating, cooling and hot domestic water powered by renewable energy sources. Our complete flexibility allows clients to tailor the comfort and costs to exact specification. We have capacity to develop, finance, install and operate such energy systems.
Sun Energy Balkan aims to work with developers, investors, municipalities and associations of homeowners. With you we will make buildings more energy efficient, comfortable and cost effective for the beneficiaries.
We offer more opportunities than developers dare to think!

Nenad Mitosevic, director SUN Energy Balkan.
Before leading the expansion of ZON Energie to Serbia and the Balkans, Nenad Mitosevic was working for the Netherlands Embassy in the economic department and prior to that he served as advisor at Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency. With top notch education from Russia, the UK and the Netherlands and with over 10 years of experience in business development in Serbia, he was a natural choice for pioneering the ESCOs in Serbia and the Balkans. He has followed through many companies that came and succeeded on the Serbian market, before deciding to clear path for his own success story with ZON Energie and SUN Energy Balkan. Making renewables accessible both technically and financially has become a new goal for Nenad at SUN Energy Balkan.
In the last six years, he was actively involved in paving the way for renewables to find application in everyday lives of people and businesses. First by assisting and development of necessary capacity to lay out necessary legal framework for renewables and subsequently by helping companies establish foothold on the market and grow. Combined by the understanding of the market, technical possibilities as well as expectations of consumers and developers alike – with team from ZON – the company in Serbia is able to answer any clients’ needs for energy.